Zee Learn chief to mentor Mount Litera School

Dr Prabhat Kaushik highlighted the need to adapt best practices of reputable international schools to boost Indian educational systems.

Surat, December 29, 2017.

By Sudeep Sonawane

Mount Litera Zee School Friday announced Zee Learn Director General Dr Prabhat Kaushik will boost its process of education by mentoring its staff and students.

The school situated at Dandi Road, Surat, is a division of Zee Learn.

Addressing media persons this afternoon at Hotel Crystal Palace near Kargil Square, Dr Kaushik highlighted the need to adapt best practices of reputable international schools to boost Indian educational systems.

He shared his global experiences as a trainer and assessor with Central Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia.

On best practices gathered from his experiences in Central Institute of Technology, Perth, Australia, Dr Kaushik said, “I liked their philosophy of thinking, sharing and pairing, for instance, making small groups in a classroom of 40 students. Each small group thinks, acts and does projects together. So children learn from each other. I liked their concept which brings the process of education closer to the practical realities of life.”

On why India cannot produce responsible citizens with civic sense and zeal for cleanliness, he said, “Infosys chairman Narayan Murthy once said, ‘not many engineers are skillfully employable’. The reason starts from school, he said. What is taught in school has no connection with college. What is taught in college has no connection with job.

“So Infosys started a project of learning, unlearning and relearning. They wanted children to unlearn what they learnt at school and college. It was useless because it was theoretical knowledge and practically not implementable. They wanted schools to teach students something that is practically viable that prepares them for jobs.”

Dr Kaushik lamented the presence of multiple curriculum and pedagogy methods prevailing in different Indian states. “How can children from different teaching methods and curriculum compete in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or medical college entrance examinations with children who have learnt national curriculum framework which prepares them well to take such entrance exams? I think we are depriving our children by giving states the liberty to decide their own curriculum. I believe the subject of science taught in a school in Tamil Nadu should be same in a Delhi school as well. I have been advocating to government for one national school curriculum connected to national framework where the children will compete for common entrance exams for professional courses.”