Yield to be 15% higher this season : Mango

Surat: Mango production in south Gujarat is likely to be at least 15 per cent higher this season than in 2016 despite the recent heatwave dealing a severe blow to the mango crop. Double flowering had raised hopes of a bumper mango crop but then the heatwave left a trail of destruction at many orchards in the region. Mangoes would be ready for plucking by April 22 which means they will be in the market a week earlier than expected. Alphonso and Langdo are the most seriously affected varieties. Heat has spared other varieties, which would be available in abundance in the region.

N L Patel, former dean of department of horticulture, Navsari Agriculture University (NAU), said, “The second flowering on the trees just withered away in March due to the heat. The earlier flowering on the trees survived the heat. If both the mango flowers had survived, south Gujarat could have had a bumper year of mango production.”

Around 35 degree Celsius is considered ideal for mango flowers. Anything above this, just withers away the small fruits and even flowers.

“Fruits of reasonable size can bear extra heat. Flowers and small size fruits just wither away,” Patel said.

“This season, mangoes would arrive early in the markets of Valsad and Navsari. Generally, the mangoes start arriving only in the first week of May. People of Valsad and Navsari would be able to savour the taste of mangoes from April 25,” said Dinesh Padaliya, deputy director, horticulture, Surat.