Woman sells goat to construct toilet for mother-in-law

Kanpur: If someone could be called an inspiration in the on-going Swacch Bharat mission and a remarkable story on Mother’s day, then it has to be Chandana from Kanpur district. The 90-year-old Chandana sold her five goats to construct a toilet for her 120 year old mother-in-law.

Rural India today, strives for better sanitation and cleanliness scenario. And incidents like such are an inspiration to not only the rural but also the urban population.
As she received no help from governmental officials to build a toilet, she took up the cause herself. She generated capital by selling her five goats. Chandana can be seen as an ambassador for the Central Government’s campaign to improve sanitation in rural India.

She decided to build a toilet after her mother-in-law fell down and broke her leg when she went out for defecation. Chandana had sought help from the village sarpanch and district authorities, but in vain, her son Ram Prakash said. Thus a determined and courageous Chandana decided to build a toilet by generating capital on her own.