Welcome To Surat ‘Booze’ Plaza

Operation Madhusala


Raja Chowdhury

It seems that the Surat administration is yet to implement the no liquor policy of the state government or perhaps is yet to receive the copy in writing.



26Sale of liquor in Surat, reported hundred of times, both at the national and the state level

in various newspapers and television channels continues unabated in various corners in the city. According to the latest undercover investigation, your favourite English newspaper The National Dawn, discovered that the bootleggers prefer to continue their trade from shanties and slums as it is easier for them to control the situations through the narrow bylanes when emergence arises.

The question TND want to raise is not the sale of liquor as it has already been done repeatedly in the past with almost nothing done to curb the menace either by the government or the administration.

The real question is that if the administration is clear in its intention then from where and how these bootleggers manage these huge quantities of bottles? why the porous city borders have ‘pocket porous’ officials? And this business is carried out from several points in the city hence what about the transportation? How such huge quantities manage to be transported to different destinations of the city? Why such dens resurface immediately after raids?

This business, in such huge quantity indicates that all are not sacred souls in the city administration. There are some loopholes which the seniors have avoided till date.

Moreover, the bottles they sell, are not only from the nearby Union territory of Daman. The printline on some of these bottles even suggest that these bottles have been manufactured in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and far off Haryana.

It is also been reported that Chief Minister Anandiben Patel is dead against sale of liquor in the state and has given strict orders to the senior police officials to keep a check on sale of liquor and gambling dens in the state but it seems that the officials give a deaf ear.

In Surat, alcohol is easily the worst kept secret till date. These bootleggers, surprisingly, also deal in some upmarket brands as well. Jose Cuervo Gold, Chivas Regal, Cointreau, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Campari, Kahlua are some of the world famous brands, easily available with bootleggers in Surat slums.