Wass…up Zindagi comedy drama family gujrati movie review.

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A film that relies heavily on comedy, needs great performances. And all lead actors have managed to give their best, creating some hilarious situations. Prem Gadhvi, who received rave reviews in his recently released film Chor Bani Thagaat Kare, stands out with his impeccable comic timing. So does Jayesh More, even though, an actor like him could have been used much better. Ravish and Jayaka show good chemistry as a couple and they also show the right kind of transformation from being boyfriend-girlfriend to a married couple. Bhavesh’s angst and boredom from his family life comes out well on screen. But it’s Jhinal as a bindaas girl, does a fabulous job in being a frank flirt without sounding too bold or forced. Her character surely adds the masala the film needed.

Scene from wassup zindagi Movie
Scene from wassup zindagi Movie

Most of the film shooting is done in our surat and locatons like Athwagate Circle and Floral garden gives Surti touch. Voice of Bollywood Playback singer Shaan gives his midas touch to the songs of Movie.

Our lives are swamped with sentiments and solicitude. At every stage, our priorities shift and despite having so everything that we need in life, we run behind things which we do not have. It is a fundamental human nature really, to always yearn for the things you can’t have or don’t have, to run away from problems rather facing them, to find an alternative rather than working hard. We long to find glee all around us when all we need to take a glance at our very own friends and family who are close to us.

It is only our family and true friends, that’ll behold us in the times of gloom and thus, the movie is a lesson on how we should appreciate the relationships that are close and faithful before it is too late. The movie is an excellent watch and we are genuinely delighted to see Gujarati film industry slowly and gradually growing.

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When it comes to direction,FilmFare award winner Manoj Lalwani, has been spot on. Exploring relationships and making them palpable on screen isn’t the easiest job to do. But Manoj does it well. From a couple that has been married for years to a newly married one and even a boy with failed relationship, Manoj gives the right treatment to them all. Not just that, the film also has the right balance of comedy and emotions, without an overdose of either.

The film, WASSUP ZINDAGI is under the banner of U turn productions and produced by Shakti Films & Entertainment and J Milan Films. The Gujarati comedy is written-directed by the Filmfare award winner Manoj Lalwani, who has very smartly penned all the characters in the film. And helped by R.M. Swamy, the director of photography. The important cast and crew of the film are Sonu Chandrapal, Prem Gadhavi, Jhinal Belani, Jayaka Yagnik, Bhakti Rathod, Gaurav Paswala, Twisha Shukla Shah, and Sameer Khakkar. And the music of the film is scored by Rohit Kulkarni, Aishwarya Majmudar, And Shaan.