Trafficked tribal girls from Jharkhand falling prey to pornographers


Activists and police say tribal girls from Jharkhand, who are victims of human trafficking, are also being forced into pornography which caters to international markets which have ‘high demand for dark-complexioned girls’.

They say ordeal of the rescued tribal girls point out that there is a strong possibility of the involvement of traffickers in creating pornographic contents. They also say that Delhi is working as a centre where trafficked girls are video-graphed for porn websites.

Thousands of tribal girls, especially minors, are trafficked from Jharkhand villages to the bigger cities across the country every year to work as domestic help and sex slaves. These children are often subjected to physical and sexual torture, leading to serious ailments and even death at times.

The Criminal Investigation Department of Jharkhand police says the number of children who went missing from the state since 2005 stands at 3,838 and 1,281 children remain untraced since the same year.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, only 37 were trafficked in 2014 but NGOs claim that at least 10,000 children are trafficked from Jharkhand every year highlighting the lack of complaints.

A tribal girl, who was trafficked from Jharkhand’s Khunti in 2013, had alleged she was gangraped in New Delhi and that the offenders had video-graphed the act. In July 2015, three minor Jharkhand girls who were held captive in Ghaziabad were shown pornography and put on sale as sex workers over WhatsApp.

They fear that these incidents may just be the tip of an iceberg.

The internet is flooded with pornographic content with tags such as “Jharkhand maid”, “Jharkhand village girl”, “Adivasi village girl” and more, which hint that there is a nexus of traffickers which is pushing tribal minors into acting in pornographic videos.

“There is a nexus of agents who are forcing Jharkhand girls into flesh trade as well as pornography,” Ghaziabad deputy superintendent of police, Ranvijay Singh, who led Operation Smile – a mass child rescue campaign, said.

Anti-human trafficking activist, Rishi Kant, who helped rescue the three Jharkhand girls in Ghaziabad, also said there is a strong possibility that the girls are being pushed into pornography since the demand for dark complexioned girls is very high in the international porn market and traffickers might be making easy money through it.

Activist Baijnath Kumar said that some of the rescued girls have alleged that they were stripped and video-graphed at placement agencies in Delhi before being hired as domestic help.

“Wonder where in this world there is a criterion to get the would-be domestic help stripped and video graphed before being hired,” Kumar said.

The victims, he said, hardly know anything about the porn websites and how their videos could be misused.

Jharkhand police, however, say they have not come across any such case wherein a rescued girl has admitted to being video-graphed for pornographic purpose.

“Any person who comes across any such case should immediately inform us… We will work on it,” SampatMeena, inspector general (organised crime), said.

RakeshSengar of BachpanBachaoAndolan said that in the recent past, condoms and blue film CDs have been recovered from various placement agencies in Delhi.

“Several shabby beauty parlours have come up in Delhi in recent past. These parlours should come under scanner,” Sengar said.