Teachers in Haryana barred from mobilephones in govt schools

The fresh guidelines issued by the Haryana Education Department has curbed the use of mobile phones by teachers in schools.

As per the guidelines issued by the Haryana Education Department if a teacher is found using mobile phone in the classroom, it shall be stashed away and kept in the staff room or in an area earmarked by the head of school.

If for some unavoidable reasons, mobile phone is required to be taken to the classroom for academic use, prior permission should be taken from the head of school for reasons to be recorded in a register to be maintained for this purpose.

To facilitate any emergency communication about teachers, it shall be ensured that the head of school makes available two contact numbers to all teachers. These two phone numbers for emergency call can be that of head of school, the second senior most in-charge of the school, or clerk, or any other arrangement deemed fit by the head of school, say the guidelines.

Use of mobile phone during non-class hours shall be confined to the area removed from the classes to save the students from the disturbance of external influence of mobile phones.

All inspecting officers, whether on regular inspection or surprise inspections, shall check whether compliance of these instructions is being made meticulously or not. The head of school will be held liable for any violations in the campus.

The guidelines stem from the observation that many teachers take mobile phones to classrooms during teaching hours for personal use.