Surat: Snakebite cases rise in city as monsoon peaks

Surat: There has been an alarming increase in snakebite cases in the city ever since the monsoon season has set in. Over 15 snakebite cases are reported daily, majority of them from the city’s outskirts. Five of these cases are treated at government hospitals and luckily there has been no death due to snakebites this monsoon season.Darshan Desai, a volunteer of Prayas, a non-government organization, which works for the welfare of birds and animals, said, “These reptiles come out of their burrows in summer and monsoon. They come in conflict with human beings mainly in the city’s outskirts. Luckily, we have very few poisonous snakes in our area.”

Poisonous snakes like Common Krait, Russell’s viper and Cobra are found in south Gujarat. Non-poisonous snake species such as Rat Snake, Earth Boa and Checkered Keel Back are also found in good numbers in the region.

Medical practitioners say SMIMER and NCH register about seven to 15 snakebite cases in a week, respectively. Private hospitals register about seven cases daily.

“We give guidance to people on what should be done when someone is bitten by a snake. Our team has been active for the past 10 days in creating awareness among people of Surat about snakebites.”