Surat: people crying club cried their hearts out in the first of India

SURAT: Do you have ever heard of crying club? The first crying club of India has started in Surat, Gujarat where people gather to cry.
The concept of crying club is derived from the notion that when the baby cries after birth, doctors announce that the baby is healthy. So crying is healthy for life. Keeping this in mind, to reduce stress, Laughter therapist Kamlesh Masalawala and his friends have started ‘Healthy Crying Club’.
On the last Sunday of each month, during 8 to 10am, people gather at the Crying Club. House wives, doctors, engineers, lawyers and people from various vocations are members here. The club’s first meeting was held on June 25.

Founder of the club Kamlesh Masalawala said, “Crying is not difficult but it is essential. As people grow, the responsibilities on their shoulders grow as well. They cover sensitive side of their personality. Crying is a good way to bring out their emotions. We feel like crying so many times but we cannot. This is just a small effort to help explore emotional side of their personalities.”