Surat: New homeopathic medicine resulted into hooch tragedy

Surat: Using another homeopathic medicine led to hooch tragedy in Surat revealed investigation by Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Surat. Investigation found that medicine that was used for preparing hooch that killed six persons contained 90% methanol. Surat police has requested state food and drugs department to withdraw homeopathic medicine from the markets in Gujarat.

 Bootlegger Sheela Rana and her daughter Nimisha alias Karishma Rana used another homeopathic medicine Thuja (30) and Bryonia (30) for preparing hooch, which was sold to people on Uttarayana. Medicine was mixed with water, IMFL and chocolate powder to create hooch. Sources said that duo generally purchased Arnica Montana (30) for preparing hooch.

 “Medical store didn’t have stock of Arnica and so he procured Thuja and Bryonia from other supplier. Even medical store owner didn’t know that new medicines contain methanol. Generally Ethyl Alcohol is found in homeopathic medicines and so both woman bootleggers didn’t know that Thuja and Bryonia have methanol,” said Satish Sharma, police commissioner of Surat.

 We are yet to find out exact quantity of medicine used by duo for preparing spurious liquor, he added.

 Surat police seized bottles of Thuja and Bryonia from medical shop and sent it to FSL for testing. During tests it was found that both medicines have methanol content of 90%. Surat police has also requested state food and drugs department to take steps and prohibit sale of both medicines in the state.

 Sheela Rana and her daughter are in police remand till January 30.