Surat: 24 Refresh, a perfect way to start your day

For Surat citizens, morning tea is not the same anymore. Now the options galore. So next time you find your tea boring just get out the bed hop on your bike and zig zag zoom to 24 Refresh on Bhatar Road for a funfilled ‘Zumba’ tea with lots of other drinks loaded for you. The smiling faces at the store will be enough to make your day and the drinks would be enough for a energetic work out through out the day.

At 24 Refresh, your day starts with smiles which eventually ends the day in a more vibrant way. Apart from highly energetic tea and drinks you can also shake you booties here on foot tapping numbers. And mind it it is not just for fun. It also helps you to reduce weight and stay fit.

One you come here, you will fall in loe with this Fitness centre as the ambiance is so good and happening.  It can easily boast of World’s First ‘Nutrion Bar’and Zumba Fitness Centre with World Class Ambience & Hygiene.  This  family nutrition centre is dedicated to promoting  healthy and active lifestyle with a dash of happiness, celebration, joy, dance and fun.

When you step in there are different drinks including shakes and tea for different age groups. Suiting their nutritional requirements of the entire family.