Solar panels to setup atop BRTS bus shelters

SURAT: A plan is drawn up by Surat Municipal Corporation(SMC) set up roof top solar panels for producing solar energy on all its 152 BRTS bus shelters. However, concerned departments are making security arrangements first for the protection of these panels.

As a part of use of non-conventional energy and generating maximum solar energy to become a Solar city, SMC has come up with a plan to set up these solar panels on its BRTS bus shelters .

” Each shelters would have a 3 kv energy generating panel that would be set up on top of the shelter . However, we have asked for the structural stability report . Once we get that electrical department would begin its work.” Said an official from SMC .
With regards to security of the panels , officials said that they already have placed a watchman on the bus stop 24×7 as other valuables are also fitted in the BRTS bus stops , so it would not be difficult to guard these panels once set up.
It must be remembered that SMC already has installed Solar roof top panels at some of its vital installations like Science center , zone buildings , Narmad Library and others.