Rajya Sabha faces brief adjournment over Opposition uproar: Live

Friday’s parliamentary session will take up business of private members.

Lok Sabha to discuss Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy Bill, Requisitioning & Acquisition of Immovable Property Amendment Bill. It will also take up Data Privacy & Protection Bill.

Rajya Sabha will take up amendments to Companies Act.

On Thursday, proceedings began with Sampathiya Uike being sworn in as a member of the Rajya Sabha. The House also spent the better part of the day discussing India’s foreign policy.

In the Lok Sabha, the Banking Regulation Amendments Bill, and the Punjab Municipal Corporation Law (Extension to Chandigarh) Amendment Bill, 2017 were passed.

11.45 am| Rajya Sabha

SP’s Sanjay Seth raises mental health issue in Indian armed force. “One of the reason being their tough lifestyle and posting in conflict areas which take a toll. In fact the BSF, CRPF’s jawans are fed unhealthy food that the government needs to find a solution.”

Meanwhile, Ritabrata Banerjee of CPIM points out how “Tagore renounced his knighthood protesting against Jallianwala bagh massacre. But this year Assam cancelled holidays dedicated to Tagore, which otherwise every year has been a holiday every year.

11.35 am | Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha resumes proceedings. Notices on matters of public importance being taken up. Problems associated with tourism sector have also been discussed. “There are only three tourism institutes in India and that’s not enough,” says Sambhaji Chhatrapati from Maharashtra. “Although Maharashtra has booming tourism yet a lot needs to be done. Specially one has to make sure that the history of the State is presented well,” he adds.

11.30 | Lok Sabha

Problems with Women shelter and how does the Swadhar Greh Scheme functions been taken up in LS. Meneka Gandhi replies to the questions, says: “The Swaghar Gher is mainly run by NGOs. It is self-financed but government provides one time payment for construction.”

“I have asked all members of Parliament to inspect the institutes for women and children in their constituencies to keep a check.”

11.00 am | Rajya Sabha

Ruckus in Rajya Sabha with Oppositions chanting “nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi” during zero hours.  Rajya Sabha has been adjourned for ten minutes following disruption.

11.00 am | Lok Sabha