Northern Ireland faculty visits TeamLease campus

Four Professors from North Western Regional College Northern Ireland Visit Vadodara Campus

Vadodara, December 16, 2017.

By Sudeep Sonawane

Four faculty members from North Western Regional College Northern Ireland visited TeamLease Skills University Vadodara, as a part of faculty exchange programme.

Professors – Michael Poole, Emmett McCourt, Tim Jenkins, and Ethan Kelly visited TSU under ERASMUS funding from European Union project.

“The North Western Regional College Northern Ireland faculty visited TeamLease Skills University campus as part of a a bilateral educational exchange programme. Our faculty members and students benefited from their visit as they learned more about topics related to their stream of studies,” said TSU Provost Vikrant Pandey.

During their visit the four Northern Ireland professors discussed educational topics with TSU staff and students. They also trained the students on various disciplines like hospitality, soft skills, and performance management.

They made presentations on learning foreign language, cultural gap issues between students from Ireland and India. The students learned a lot from the interactive sessions.

Teams from both the universities shared their skill sets and knowledge that would be taught to students.

Last month six faculty members from TeamLease Skills University visited the Ireland College that imparts vocational training to students for the last 100 years.