Nirmal Hospital portrays rarest feat in India

Surat: Portraying their achievements, Nirmal Hospital doctors led by its founder Dr. Nirmal Choraria,  portrayed hale and hearty twins aged around 5 now who during birth was said to be the lightest twins ever born in India. At 5 now, they are quite active and take part in the day to day activities not only at their home but also in their schools.

During their birth the babies weighed 503 and 530 gms respectively.

While talking about this achievement in front of the mediamen here on Wednesday, Dr Choraria said that the children were born out of normal delivery though they have respiratory disorders. So they were put on ventilator initially. They stayed in the NICU for a total period of three months and were very sick during the initial course. With all advance medical  facilities, they were discharged at 1200 gms and 1300 gms respectively.

The hospital did a regular follow up till  now and they are doing very well both physically and mentally.

As a matter of act the expert team of doctors at Nirmal Hospital, which is a 115 bed multispeciality hospital with state of the art facilities for Adult/Pediatric and Neonatal ICU make this possible due to their expertise in their respective fields.

In India, the overall survival rate with weight around 700 gms at birth is around 70 to 80 percent. Nirmal hospital excels in this field.