Mithun Chakraborty resigns from Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: Actor and Trinamool Congress member Mithun Chakraborty on Monday resigned from Rajya Sabha.

He has submitted his resignation to Rajya Sabha Chairman in which he has mentioned that because of his health condition, he has not been able to fulfil his duty in Rajya Sabha and that is why he is relinquishing his seat, sources in TMC said.

Mithun, whose alleged involvement in Saradha scam made news last year, had attended the Upper House for three days only.

According to data available on the website of PRS Legislative Research, Chakraborty has 10 percent attendance in the upper house against an average of 79 percent.

He has so far not participated in any debate, nor has he asked any question or moved a private members’ bill.

Chakraborty was elected to the Rajya Sabha in April 2014.