Members of PAAS meet Hardik, 10 days ultimatum given to state government


A team of ten-members of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) had met PAAS chief Hardik Patel at Lajpore Jail on Wednesday morning.

According to sources, in a meeting with Hardik the PAAS members which lasted for one-and-half-hour a press meet was organised in which the Saurashtra PAAS convenor Lalit Vasoya said, “if the state government does not come out with solution on our 27 demands which were discussed in meeting with MP Vitthal Radadiya, PAAS will resort to agitation on way of Gandhiji.” Moreover, in the coming days as to what will be PAAS motive and activities were discussed by the 10 convenors from Saurashtra and other convenors of south Gujarat.

“Today Hardik had given us 27 issues agenda which was passed on to all our prominent persons of Surat city,” Lalit Vasoya said. Now we give ten days ultimatum to Gujarat government for taking decision on these 27 issues, if the government fails in taking any decision, we will resort to peaceful agitation from Rajpipla  to native of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Karmasad village, taking out a ‘kalash yatra,’ added Vasoya.

Cops investigate house of PAAS agitator’s girlfriend

Violence was erupted after a rally of demands for reservation for Patidar community turned violent causing loss of lives and damage to public properties running into several thousand crores. During investigation cops had confiscated cell-phones and other personal items from PAAS agitators for investigation, during such investigation police were contacting the numbers available on mobile phones. In one such case, the cops reached a house of PAAS member’s girlfriend for investigation. This action of police has caused anger amongst Patidars. Moreover, several cases of causing loss to public, private properties and attacking on duty officers were registered against PAAS agitators after August 25, last year. Cops are also interrogating several patidar relatives.