Mahesh Savani weds off ‘236 daughters’

Surat: The P.P.Savani group organized a mass marriage programme in Surat on Sunday.

Mahesh Savani well known businessman of Surat, who is the mastermind behind the noble cause, through this gesture, gave a strong message to people to not spent money behind pageantry. He organized the marriage of around 236 girls being as father. With a view to encourage mass marriage, Mahesh Savani’s son Mitul and his uncle’s son Jay also tied the knot during the function.

Member of Parliament Sadhvi Ritambhara lighten lamp in the memories of martyrs in Uri attack at Jammu and Kashmir. All the guests who were present during the ceremonies the soldiers standing ovation.

The PP Savani group has been organizing mass marriage since the last five years where the group gifted household items to the newly married couples.

 Under the message of ‘Dikari Vhalno Divo’ , the ceremonies were held at  P.P.Savani Chaitantya Vidya Sankul, Abrama, Mota Varachha.

At the function, more than 50 thousand people were present. 230 girls tie knot traditionally while 5 Muslim girls also entered into wedlock taking pledges according to their own religious customs.

The 44-year-old businessman Mahesh Savani, who said the women saw him as a foster father, told The National Dawn that “material gifts are not important, but I have given my name to them and will fulfil all my responsibilities as a father of the bride for the rest of my life.”

Savani gave each couple gifts worth up to 450,000 rupees

“We gave them gold and silver ornaments, utensils, electronics items, clothes and all the expenses related to marriage,” he said.

This is not the first time that Savani has financed the wedding of poor women; in fact, he started this charitable work in 2007 and, to this date, has paid for the weddings of more than 250 women.

The tycoon explained he started helping disadvantaged women to get married after one of his colleagues died before he could marry off his two daughters.

“I was very shocked when one of my employees died just 12 days before he could marry off his two daughters. It was very difficult for the family to arrange for marriage,” he said. “So I decided that I would become their foster father and marry them off. This is how it began.”

 The marriage program started on 5pm on evening and concluded late night.