Get ready to dance it up the Spanish way – Richie Rich

Get ready to dance it up the Spanish way! As a part of LaFiestaDeSpain, Basil Garden invites you to a Pasodoble workshop and dines session with Sapan Shah from Tap In- Sapan’s Dance Lounge on December 15th. Inspired by the age-old bullfighters of Spain, Pasodoble is a spirited couples’ dance form. Register now and enjoy unlimited food after the workshop. Only 2000/- per couple.

We look forward to you having a wholesome Spanish experience and making a RichieRichStory!

Excited? Here are the details:
Registration Link:…/1FAIpQLSctTeRdFuKaWqzRM4…/viewform

Basil Garden,
4th Floor, Richie Rich,
Parle Point, Surat
8th – 25th December 2017