Four more arrested for woman’s murder in Sarbhan


Four men who assisted murderer husband to burn the deceased woman were arrested by the police in the evening on Saturday, making total number of arrests to seven as husband and his parents are already in the police custody. The four men were arrested on the charges of destroying the evidences of the crime of the murder as they helped in performing the last rights of the victim after her murder.

As per sources, DhulaVasava, a resident of Sarbhan village near Amod in Bharuch district had been to Saurashtra for a long time for labour work there. Meanwhile, his wife Hansa developed illicit relations with a certain person. Dhula departed for his native from Saurashtra after learning about the illicit relations of his wife with a man. When he reached his home in the evening on 28 January; he found his wife with her lover Lalio in compromising position.

Lalio escaped but Dhula attacked his wife Hansa with an axe; killing her on the spot. He then took the help of his parents and four more to perform the last rites of his deceased wife. During the interrogation, the parents of the accused confessed that their son had murdered his wife. Police Sub-Inspector JagdishParmar and his team arrested the trio and confiscated the axe used in committing the crime.

Amod residents Rajesh Thakor, Mahesh Rathod, JagdishVasava and MaganVasava were arrested by the police on the charges of assisting the accused in destroying the evidences by performing the last rites of the deceased.