Borivali girl Goes for A ‘Walk’ With Dog, Picked up At Surat


A 22-year-old girl from Borivali was rescued by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) at Surat after she was found wandering the railway stationwith her pet dog. The girl who has been identified as Khusboo Kumar allegedly left her house after a tiff with her parents.
Agitated, Khusboo told her parents that she was going for a walk with her dog and reached Borivali station where she boarded the Rajdhani Express. The duo boarded the A-1 coach of the premium train and travelled until Surat, the train’s first stop, where Khusboo alighted. The RPF staff deployed at the station questioning Khusboo after finding her behaviour suspicious. An RPF personnel said, “She and her dog got off an A-1coach. She didn’t look like she ta Rajdhani. We stopped her and asked where she was heading but she refused to give us any answers.”
The RPF then found that Khusboo did not have a ticket She was then taken to RPF station where her details were noted down. “We had to request her to give her family details for a couple of hours before she agreed to co-operate,” said one official. When the RPF contacted the family they were unaware that Khusboo was missing.