Bank heist of Rs. 1 Lakh captured in CCTV


Two swindlers managed to escape with Rupees one lakh from cabin of cahier on Friday. The incident has been captured in the CCTV installed in the bank, police have started their investigation on basis of it.

In the noon of March 11, two swindlers reached at Bank of India, Puna-Patia branch. The branch was rushed with customers and bank cahier was in the managers cabin. Taking benefit of the chance a 35 year old youth disguised as customer reached in the cashier’s cabin and fled with one lakh rupees cash.

When cashier saw them he tried to chase them but both of them managed to escape from the spot in an auto rickshaw.  However, the bank manager had lodged complaint against them at Puna Police station and cops have started their investigation on the basis of CCTV footage recovered from the branch.