At Allia Fabrics- give dimensions to your imaginations

Introducing you to Surat’s most promising women entrepreneur Anjalee Nair Joshi who has a franchisee of Allia Fabric at Canopus Mall on Ghod Dod Road.

Anjalee Nair Joshi  tells us about how do you manage all these things together

This is called Human management. We are multi tasking and nothing can beat us at that. I manage home, my three kids, my work, my friends everything with complete ease. No issues there. Say something about womens day. How do you celebrate it Celebrating Womens day I don’t believe in a single day in the entire year being celebrated as Womens day. A woman should be celebrated each day. They deserve that. That even if sometimes it feels like two steps forward and one step back, the tide is beginning to turn. Women and men need to stand alongside each other and celebrate the many positive changes that have been achieved – at the same time as being realistic about what still needs to be done.

What is the biggest challenge we face in reaching gender equality, and what are some of the key strategies to achieve this goal?

I think we can’t separate the work on men and gender equality and gender justice from the wider context of development. We need to continue to listen to what women and men at the local level have to say, and work with them in small ways as well as big ones. It remains a big challenge to convince more than a relatively small number of men about the need to become a part of the movement for gender equality. So we also need to work with men in powerful positions, to reinforce the feminist idea that the personal is political.

The influence of fundamentalist religions on gender is another growing problem that also needs to be tackled, as is the continuing epidemic of violence against women and girls. How can working with men and boys help to celebrate and advance the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women? While the work that women have done in the past decades needs to continue, and spaces and resources reserved for this work, I am convinced that we need to engage men if we want to achieve a fairer world.

Anjalee Nair Joshi tells us about Allia

At Allia we have a vision where every woman explores herself and get to know about fashion closely. We want women to look beautiful and be comfortable in what they carry because at Allia, they get the freedom to design their own attires. They can give dimensions to their imaginations. In short, Allia is all about women- their choices their dreams- and most importantly their beauty. Both exterior and interior….